How Do You Perform Linear Regression in Excel?


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To perform a linear regression in Microsoft Excel, input a set of values, for both the y-axis and the x-axis. A scatter plot will be produced, followed by a "Linear" trend-line to depict the regression.

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  1. Input values on the x-axis and y-axis

    To perform a linear regression, there needs to be a set of independent values of the x-axis upon which the values of y-axis would be dependent. Input values for both the axes and highlight them by dragging the mouse pointer.

  2. Apply "Scatter Plot" to the values

    After they are highlighted, move the mouse pointer over to the "Insert" section and click upon "Charts." In the drop down menu, click "Scatter Plot."

  3. Induce "Linear" trend-line to the scatter plot

    Once the "Scatter Plot" is visible on the Excel sheet, click on the graph and then click on "Design" in the "Chart Tools" section that is now visible on the top. Click on "Add Chart Element", and from the drop down menu, click "Trendline" and then "Linear."

  4. Add regression equation to the graph

    Right-click on the dotted trendline and click "Format Trendline." In the window that opens, check the "Display Equation on Chart" box to complete the linear regression in Microsoft Excel.

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