How Do You Perform a Lenovo Password Reset?


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To perform a password reset on a Lenovo laptop, remove the battery pack and the backup battery. After the battery is removed, turn on the computer and the password prompt will not appear. Afterwards, you can create a new password.

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There are three main passwords for a Lenovo laptop, which are the Supervisor password, hard drive password and power on password. If you know the Supervisor password for the laptop, you can enter into the ThinkPad BIOS setup and reset the power on password. The power on password is the only password that can be reset through the ThinkPad BIOS.

As for the hard drive password, if the master hard drive password is remembered, then the administrator can still have access to the hard drive and all the files on it. If the master hard drive password is forgotten, then the hard drive has to be replaced.

In order to change the settings on the computer, the Supervisor password must be entered. In the event that the Supervisor password is forgotten, the user will be locked out of the ThinkPad BIOS setup. The only way to gain access to this setup is to have the laptop fixed and both the system board and hard drive replaced completely.

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