How Do You Perform an International Search Online?


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Using the incognito or private browsing features of Web browsers forces many search engines to return international search results rather than search results optimized for a specific region or country. Conversely, using search engine sites specific to a certain country can allow users to obtain search results that are more relevant to that country. It is sometimes necessary to use a proxy server to obtain valid search results from other countries, however.

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Most search engines such as Google and Yahoo use location information sent to the search engine by a user's Web browser to customize the results returned to a user to that user's location. Private browsing features are a part of most major Web browsers that suppress the transmission of user information during search engine queries. While it is still possible for search engines to identify the general area in which a query originated based on IP addressing information, most engines return a non-region specific version of their results if a Web browser does not provide any location information.

Using search engine sites such as www.google.fr or www.yahoo.jp intended for other countries is one way to search for results specific to a different country. However, using another country's search site is not always effective due to the location information inherent in IP addresses. In these cases, use of a proxy server to mask the originating address of the request with one appropriate to the country of interest can circumvent these issues.

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