How Do You Perform a Factory Reset on a Toshiba Computer?


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To perform a factory reset on a Toshiba computer, restart the computer, and press the required key before Windows loads. The required key is usually one of the function keys. Pressing it brings up the Advanced Boot Options and Recovery menu, in which numerous recovery options are available.

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A factory reset returns the computer to its default state, removing all data, system settings and other configurations from the hard drive. Before starting a factory reset, it is advisable to back up the hard drive.

Once your data is backed up, restart the computer, and make sure the AC adapter is plugged in. A factory reset can take some time, and a power interruption could damage the computer and make the system unstable. Next, press the key for Advanced Boot Options before the Windows operating system begins loading. Pressing the 0 key takes you directly to the factory reset screen. From here, you should acknowledge the warning, and choose Reset Factory Default or a similar option. Finally, begin the recovery process, and wait for the system to proceed.

A Windows operating system disc can also recover a Toshiba computer, but many Toshiba models have a recovery partition pre-installed on the hard drive without including this disc.

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