How Does the PeopleNet Time Clock Work?

How Does the PeopleNet Time Clock Work?

The PeopleNet time clock is a software program designed for staffing agencies to capture, approve and manage time accurately and cost-effectively. This software simplifies time management for both owners and clients of businesses.

The PeopleNet time clock consists of a wide range of features and several specialized templates ranging from physical clocks to interactive voice response, Web and smart devices. This software records time as it concerns business needs and compliance requirements.

The Web time entry tracks total hours, including breaks and start and end times, through a single interface irrespective of the user's location. Its email feature is also used to track time.

The interactive voice response entry requires a landline telephone and is ideal for a smaller group of employees. This entry works by allowing employees to place calls to clock in or out of work. The smartphone feature captures total hours, meal times and multiple assignments. It simplifies time-capture through an efficient notification and processing system.

The PeopleNet time clock simplifies time approval with features such as system transparency, automated reporting and reminders. Approval options include email approvals, Web approvals, mobile approvals and fax approvals. In addition, the PeopleNet workforce management console provides real-time visibility of all timekeeping processes.