How Do People Pay Their Cricket Phone Bill?

Users can pay their Cricket phone bill a number of ways, including automatic bill pay, online, over the phone, in person at authorized payment locations or by mail. Users can also pay online via their mobile devices.

Whether using a computer or a phone, Cricket customers can pay their monthly bills or PayGo pay-as-you-go-plans via credit or debit card in the "My Account" section of the company's website.

To use the automatic bill payment option, users need to sign up and provide a debit or credit card or bank account information so that funds can be deducted automatically on a monthly basis.

To use the automated system, call the Cricket pay line any time to pay with a credit card or check. This method carries a processing fee of $2.

Users can also make payments at authorized locations where there is a $3 processing fee. Cash is the only payment option at most locations.

Finally, snail mail is also an option.