How Do You Find People on the IPhone GPS Tracker?

How Do You Find People on the IPhone GPS Tracker?

Log into the iPhone GPS tracker and search for the person of interest. Use satellite or street maps and append a photo to each person for distinction. Choose the intervals with which to see other’s movements.

To track the movement of other smartphone users with the iPhone, use revised releases of the GPS app for a better outcome. The GPS tracker uses the iPhone’s GPS feature, Internet and iOS functionality.

GPS tracker allows location of other iPhone users and mapping of their site for up to 72 hours before the search, depending on the version. Allow or deny the go-ahead for others to locate you. Locate anyone within 30 feet and follow-up to 10 people anywhere. Keep locations for tracked locations for up to an hour.

To download a free tracker, first download iTunes. ITunes allows a user to buy and download apps. The GPS app is available in English, Danish, Dutch, French, and German, as well as other languages.

Set the iPhone to consume less battery power while using the GPS feature. IPhone GPS tracker is available in over 25 countries with approximately 3 million users, as of 2015. The GPS tracker works with iPhone 5, iOS 6.0 and later releases of the two.