What Are Some Free PDF Writers?

What Are Some Free PDF Writers?

Some popular PDF writer applications include PDFCreator, BullZip, PDF24, and doPDF. All of these programs are free to download and offer easy-to-use but comprehensive PDF creation and editing tools. PDFCreator and Bullzip are particularly popular options and include features such as password protection, watermarking, file encryption, and combining PDFs. PDF24 and doPDF are easy to use, but have fewer features, particularly with respect to editing files.

Bullzip is considered one of the best PDF writers because it has a 64-bit version as well as excellent writing tools. However, it requires GhostScript to make PDFs searchable. Additionally, it outputs larger files than PDFCreator.

PDFCreator is a strong alternative that produces small files. However, it is only available as a 32-bit version, has limited watermarking options, and its installer is bundled with OpenCandy.

For basic usage, PDF24 is a popular choice because of its simple drag-and-drop interface and its digital signing functionality.

Some other free PDF writers include PrimoPDF, NitroPDF Printer, PDF Redirect, PDFILL PDF and Image Writer, and PDF XChange.

Alternatively, many applications now include the ability to save or print to PDF. For example, Microsoft Word users can save documents as PDFs. OpenOffice and LibreOffice, two open source alternatives to the Office suite, can save documents as PDFs.