Why Does the PC Keep Crashing?


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A PC may crash because of a number of reasons including a virus attack, overheating, corrupted programs, outdated or damaged drivers and computer memory problems. Computer systems have self-diagnosing procedures that may help the user to determine the cause of a crash and possible solution to the problem.

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PC crashes can be frustrating, especially when carrying out an important task or watching a video. Below are some details regarding possible causes of a PC crash.

  • Corrupt programs
  • When an installed program is corrupted, it may cause problems to the system, which could lead to frequent crashes. Reading the help section regarding corruption problems should offer a number of possible solutions.

  • Virus infection
  • From time to time, computer systems get infected by viruses that may cause system instability. Running the latest anti-virus scan can help in dealing with this complication.

  • Outdated drivers
  • Drivers are vital to the function of any computer system. However, when a driver is damaged or corrupted, it may lead to system crashes. Installing the latest drivers should help manage this problem.

  • Overheating
  • When a computer is not properly ventilated, it may end up overheating, which could cause system freezes or crashes. Ensuring the PC is well ventilated should help manage this problem.

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