What Is the Best PC Cleaner?


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According to Tech Support Alert, the best PC cleaner is CCleaner. CCleaner is a free program whose features are competitive with more expensive commercial PC cleaners.

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CCleaner is very good at freeing up computer disk space by identifying and removing unused files. Such files include temporary files, recycling bin files and cache files from different Web browsers. The program can be customized to keep certain cookies during its cleanup routine, making it convenient for users. Users can also customize CCleaner to include or exclude temporary file folders while cleaning. CCleaner can also identify and remove programs that have not been used much, though users can keep selected programs by flagging them within CCleaner.

CCleaner is constantly updated to reflect updates with other programs. When new software comes out, such as Internet browser updates or new operating systems, CCleaner is updated to better accommodate the needs of those with updated programs or systems.

CCleaner can also optionally be used in concert with other cleaning programs if the user so chooses. This should only be done if the user finds other programs that are able to do a specific task better than CCleaner does. One example is PC Decrapifier, which helps users remove the trial versions of programs such as those that ship with new computers and that are difficult for some users to remove.

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