How Do You Find a Payment Gateway Service?


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Find a payment gateway service by checking with credit and debit card companies for approved services. Merchant service companies can also typically give referrals, and business trade magazines and articles often have information on and comparisons of payment gateway services.

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Many businesses find that the programs and services that already do accounting services for them may already offer payment gateway services as well. For example, Intuit provides customers with accounting services but also has a division of services dedicated specifically to merchant services, like encrypting and processing credit card information.

Several popular payment gateways have also moved to online services. PayPal is an example of a company that accepts payments, including those made by credit or debit card, and intuitively serves as a payment gateway. PayPal also offers merchant payflow services for additional fees.

Business trade magazines and articles can provide helpful insight into finding a payment gateway service. Many of these review-style articles will name reputable payment gateway services. These also typically compare several important factors like monthly fees and card transaction fees. This is also important in cutting down time looking for a payment gateway company that is compatible with all of the credit and debit card companies desired.

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