How Do You Pay a Macy's Bill Online?

As of 2015, Macy's credit card holders can pay their bills online by registering for a Macy's profile and having a valid U.S. bank checking account. Macy's online bill-pay has two payment options, a one-time payment and recurring automatic payments.

One-time online bill payment allows customers to make a one-off payment on a credit card bill by using funds taken from a U.S. bank account. Customers can also setup automatic payments that automatically make payments from a checking account stored in the database. Automatic payments are generally set to recur on a monthly basis, usually on a specific day of the month.

Macy's customers can also choose to pay their bill through other methods, including in-store payments, by mail, by phone or through a third-party payment process. Customers that choose to pay at a Macy's store can use a debit card, money order, cash or check to pay the balance of their bill. For payments by mail, a customer must send a valid U.S. bank check to one of the Macy's Payments addresses listed on the official website. Customers looking to pay by phone must use a valid U.S. bank check and their Macy's account number when calling the Macy's Payment phone number specified on the website.

Log into the online Macy's account. Click on "Payment" or "Bill Pay." Select either one-time payment or a reoccurring payment. Enter in a credit or debit card number, card security code and expiration date. Enter the amount to be paid and click "Submit."