How Do You Pay Different Bills Online on Credit Acceptance?


While Credit Acceptance does not feature different bill types, but rather a single bill for its auto loan services, it is possible to pay online using its own website and a debit card, credit card, checking account or savings account, as of 2015. It is also possible to pay loan bills through your bank's online bill pay service.

Credit Acceptance serves as an indirect auto financing company, meaning that it works with a network of car dealers to provide customers with the option to purchase a vehicle through a line of credit rather than working directly with the buyers. When you obtain an auto loan through Credit Acceptance, you are able to create an account with the company's website,, to manage the loan and make payments. The site supports both recurring and one-time payments from a valid card or account, though single payments carry a service charge of $3. With both options, you need to link your payment method to the account and follow the appropriate verification steps to approve the payments.

To pay your Credit Acceptance bill online through your bank's bill payment service, log into your online banking account and locate the bill pay tool. Many banks feature Credit Acceptance as a default bill collector, allowing you to select it from a list, though some require you to enter the address and phone number manually. You must include your account number and payment amount, then select a frequency to process the payment.