How Do You Pay Your Boost Mobile Bill Online?

You can pay your Boost Mobile payment online through the payment portal at the Boost Mobile website or by registering your credit or debit card through your online account for automatic payments. You can also allow a friend to add money to your account with his debit or credit card.

If you register for an online account, you have the option of making automatic payments with not only your debit or credit card but a Re-Boost card as well. You also can update your profile or provide updated information to your account, check to see how much money you have available on your account, see a listing of recent phone calls you've made and change your account PIN.

Additionally, you can pay your Boost Mobile payment by phone by dialing #ADD and following the prompts to pay with your debit or credit card. You can also redeem a Re-Boost card by texting ADD and then the PIN found on the back of the card to 7225. You should make sure there is only one single space after ADD, and verify the PIN before you send. You can also text PAY to 7225, entering the amount you want to pay and the last four digits of your registered debit or credit card.