How Do You Get Past Blocked Websites?


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There are two ways to access blocked websites. The first is to contact your Internet service provider or local network administrator and change your account settings. The second is to use a proxy server that can bypass the block.

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  1. Contact your Internet service provider

    If you are the owner of the Internet access account or have access to the correct username and password, you can usually manage your account online. Once you access the account management section of the website, find and disable the website blocking and/or parental control services. If there is no online option, try calling the company's customer service line.

  2. Contact your local network administrator

    If using a device that is owned by another organization, ask the network administrator overseeing the device for permission to access a certain site or set of sites.

  3. Use a proxy server to bypass the block

    A proxy server is a separate website that can access the Internet through a different connection and route it to your device. There are many proxy service options available, and the quality of service varies by provider. Some proxy providers are free or advertisement-supported, and others charge a fee for a specific period or number of uses.

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