How Do Find the Password for a Linksys Router?


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If you have forgotten your Linksys router password, reset your router to factory settings by holding the reset button on the back panel for 30 seconds. Log in to the router utility to change your password, leaving the user name field blank and entering "admin" as the password.

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When you reset your Linksys router to factory default settings, you lose all personalized settings. This includes MAC address filtering information, Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption information and any Service Set Identifier information you have entered.

A router is a networking device that directs data packets between multiple computer networks. Routers are typically hardware devices, although software-based routers are available. Home and office routers pass data between home computers and the Internet through Internet service providers, which are connected to higher-power, more sophisticated routers. This data exchange allows users to access web pages, email, instant messaging and other online content and services.

Linksys is a company headquartered in Irvine, California which sells data networking products including wired and wireless routers, wireless Internet video cameras, Ethernet switches and network storage systems. The company carries smart Wi-Fi routers, which allow monitoring and remote control of Wi-Fi networks, high-powered WRT routers, wireless-AC routers for high streaming use, and wireless modem routers.

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