What Is the Pascal Programming Language?


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Pascal is a general purpose, high-level procedural programming language that was designed and developed by Niklaus Wirth and named after the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was specifically created for academic purposes, but it can also be used to develop efficient and reliable applications. Pascal can run on all the major platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and some versions of Linux/UNIX.

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Pascal is the most widely preferred choice when teaching programming as a systematic discipline because it is easy to learn. It is also a structured language that can be used to create efficient, reliable and transparent applications. The programming language is rooted in the ALGOL, or Algorithmic Language. It was the principal programming language in the early days of Mac and was used to develop the revolutionary Apple Lisa.

Pascal enables developers to easily define complicated structured data types and build recursive and dynamic data structures such as graphs, trees and lists. It also provides helpful programming features, such as sub-ranges, enumerations, records and dynamically allotted variables, that have associated sets and pointers. Pascal can be used to nest procedure definitions to any level. Aside from Apple Lisa, other notable implementations of Pascal include Skype, embedded systems, Macromedia Captive and some PC games.

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