What Parts of an Old Computer Can Be Scrapped for Money?

What Parts of an Old Computer Can Be Scrapped for Money?

Some of the parts of an old computer that can be scrapped for money include the motherboard, the peripheral component interconnect board, the processor and random access memory. Although several other computer parts may be sold for money, their value is relatively low.

One of the most valuable components of a computer is the motherboard because it connects several other parts. It is also made up of important materials including gold plated connectors and pins. During recycling, these seemingly useless parts can be extracted and used to make a new product that can then be sold.

The processor is another part of the computer that contains important components including gold plated pins and several transistors. It is also comprised of aluminum parts that may amount to a few cents.

The random access memory of a computer is another component that may be worth some cash. Computer RAMs may range from 256 MB to 8 GB and usually act as the short-term memory of the device. Older computers have RAMs that are larger in physical size when compared to newer ones.

PCI boards are equally important since they contain some precious metals and connectors that can be reused in making new products. It is a good idea to carefully access the old computer in order to ascertain its scrap worth before actually putting it up for sale.