What Is Paraphrasing Software?


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Paraphrasing software is an application that rewrites articles, in full or part, by expressing words or sentences in ways different from an original. People may use the applications to remix textual content for a business site, document, email or academic paper. To use the software, a user copies the text to be paraphrased onto a provided text box. People use the software to circumvent plagiarism and avoid duplicating content.

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Search engine optimization marketers use paraphrasing applications to avoid potential punitive measures by Google for deploying duplicate content online. Some people use the software to learn new ways of applying words and phrases in writing.

Paraphrasing software produces the best results if the original content is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. The application can paraphrase a document several times as needed to produce distinct copies. Article spinners use similar software to generate content for websites, but automated paraphrasing produces content that’s of lower quality than the original. In paraphrasing the term Great Britain, for instance, the software may replace great with good because the two words are somewhat synonymous with each other, yet, Great Britain does not mean the same as Good Britain. The applications are not context-sensitive and may produce obscure content that only makes sense within specific contexts.

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