How Do You Take a Panorama Photo With an IPhone?

How Do You Take a Panorama Photo With an IPhone?

To take a panoramic photo on your iPhone, open the Camera application. Select the Panorama mode. Hold the phone in potrait mode and take the panormic photo.

  1. Select panorama mode

    Turn on your iPhone and open the Camera app. At the bottom of the screen, swipe to the left until you reach Panorama mode.

  2. Hold your iPhone correctly

    Hold your iPhone in potrait mode and not in landscape mode.

  3. Choose your direction

    Decide if you want to shoot the photo from left to right or from right to left. Tap the arrow if you want to shoot from right to left.

  4. Take the panoramic photo

    With the iPhone in the starting position, tap the circular capture button at the top of the screen. Slowly move the phone in the direction of the photo. Make sure that the arrow stays as close to the yellow line as possible.

  5. Complete and view the photo

    When you are done taking the photo, tap on the capture button again. The photo is stored in your Photos app. Open the photo by tapping it in the lower-left corner of the screen. Make sure that the panoramic photo appears how you intended. You may have to retake the photo if you move the phone too drastically during the shot.