Are Panasonic Cordless Phones Good?


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Panasonic cordless phones receive very strong reviews, with the company’s KXPRW130W, KXTG7873S and KX-TG6512B models all winning praise from tech site The Wire Cutter. These phones’ range of features and ease of use make them some of the best of 2015.

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Panasonic’s KXPRW130W receives high marks for its excellent sound quality, intuitive design and innovative smartphone connectivity feature. The phone interfaces with smartphones using an iOS or Android app, essentially turning any smartphone into an additional handset and allowing users to make landline calls using their cell phones.

The Panasonic KXTG7873S also features smartphone connectivity but functions oppositely. With smart connectivity enabled, the device transforms its included cordless phones into smartphone handsets, allowing users to make and receive cell phone calls using their landlines. The KXTG7873S is ideal for users with poor cell phone reception at home, as it allows them to place cell phones in areas where they get service and move around the home with the Panasonic handsets.

For users looking for fewer frills and a lower price, Panasonic’s KX-TG6512B is a practical choice. It may lack smart connectivity and other modern features, but the KX-TG6512B is a highly functional, easy to use cordless phone that boasts strong reception, good audio quality and a 158-foot cordless range. The phone can support up to three additional cordless handsets, but users must purchase these separately.

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