How Do You Pair Plantronics Headset to Your Phone Using Bluetooth?

To pair most Plantronics headsets to a phone, turn on the phone's Bluetooth, press the headset's power button until the nearby light flashes, release the button and finish with the phone's pairing instructions. Enter the passkey 0000 if prompted.

When using headsets with a sliding on/off switch, power the headset on before pairing. These models include the Explorer 395, M165, M1100 and Voyager Legend.

When the headsets have a power button, turn the headset off before pairing. Examples of these headsets include the Voyager Pro, Backbeat 903, Discovery 610, Explorer 220 and K100.

Customers with the Voyager 510, M3000, Pulsar 590e and other legacy products should follow the pairing instructions on the Plantronics website.