How Do You Pair JAMBOX?


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Placing JAMBOX into pairing mode requires that the JAMBOX itself be set to transmit its Bluetooth signal before the device that you're pairing it with is set to search for the available Bluetooth connection. While the options for Bluetooth search differ by device, the method of connecting remains the same.

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  1. Place JAMBOX in pairing mode

    Put the JAMBOX into pairing mode to ready it for connection to your device by pressing the on/off switch in the upwards position until it flashes red and white. After three to five seconds of holding the button, the JAMBOX announces that it's in pairing mode.

  2. Setup your device

    Ready the device, such as a smart phone, for pairing by entering its settings page through the device's main menu. Locate the Bluetooth settings option, and enable Bluetooth on your device. Press the search option to have the device search for any nearby Bluetooth signals.

  3. Pair the JAMBOX

    Locate JAMBOX by Jawbone as a listing in the available Bluetooth devices after the search completes. Select the listing to pair the device with the JAMBOX speakers. Enter 0000 as a passcode if required by the device. A successful pairing causes the JAMBOX LED to flash white. Press the Talk button on the JAMBOX to begin a battery level countdown.

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