How Do You Pair an IP Address With a Geographical Location?


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To pair an IP address with a geographical location, enter any IP address into a web-based IP geolocation tool, such as WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, IP2Location.com or IPLocation.net. Each tool automatically detects your IP when you navigate to its homepage, and you also may enter a different IP.

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At WhatIsMYIPAddress.com click IP Lookup and then Lookup IP Address. The results include general information, such as the host's name, the Internet service provider, the type of IP and the corresponding continent in addition to the state, city, ZIP code, latitude and longitude.

Each online IP geolocation tool provides similar information, more or less. IP2Location.com includes the time zone, the nearest weather station and the elevation. IPLocation.net furnishes website visitors with any relevant area codes. WhatIsMyIPAddress.com also offers a map with the geolocation of an IP address generally indicated.

Most IP address geolocation tools do not furnish specific information about a physical address that corresponds to an IP address. IP address geolocation is not an exact science, and results may occasionally contain inaccuracies.

WhatIsMyIPAddress.com is a free web-based tool, whereas IP2Location.com and IPLocation.net are merely demos. Each company sells a full-service product, but each company also concedes that the demos and the full-service products are all but identical.

IP2Location.com's assortment of IP address geolocation products are each linked with extensive, niche-specific databases, and it functions within other programs.

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