How Do You Pair a Bluetooth Device With a Samsung Phone?


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To pair a Bluetooth device with a Samsung phone, enable the Bluetooth functionality on the phone through the Settings section, and activate the pairing mode on the Bluetooth device. Initiate a scanning process, and add the Bluetooth device by tapping on it.

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To enable the Bluetooth functionality on a Samsung phone, navigate to the home screen, tap the Apps button, and then tap the Settings icon. Tap the Connections tab, and tap the button next to the Bluetooth option in the Network Connections section to activate it. Put the Bluetooth device in pairing mode, and make the Samsung phone visible to Bluetooth devices by tapping the box next to the serial number of the phone in the My Device section. After checking the box, you have 120 seconds to perform a scan and pair the Bluetooth device.

Tap on the Scan button, tap on the Bluetooth device once the scanning process completes, and enter a security code if necessary. Type “0000” by using the software keyboard that pops up to confirm the pairing process. If that code doesn’t work, consult the documentation that came with the Bluetooth device to find the correct code. Once the device and the phone are paired, a message should appear below the Bluetooth device in the Paired Devices section. Tap the cogwheel icon next to the paired device to modify the connection settings if necessary.

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