What Packages Does Shaw Cable Offer?

As of 2015, Shaw Cable offers two types of packages: television with Internet and phone bundles and the TV Plus Internet bundles, notes Shaw.ca. Rates for these bundled plans vary based on the type of equipment used for high-definition programming. Shaw Cable clients can opt for an HD Box or the Gateway HDPVR device, which enables users to connect to up to six television sets.

The TV with Internet and phone package that comes with the Gateway HDPVR equipment is divided into three categories: Starter with Internet 15, Popular and Large. Starter with Internet 15 offers up to 73 channels, with 26 channels available in HD and 47 channels in standard definition programming, notes Shaw.ca. This plan also provides subscribers with up to 15 Mbps of Internet speed including private access to Shaw Go wireless services and Personal Home Phone.

The Popular plan includes up to 150 channels with 48 and 102 channels available in HD and SD, respectively. Subscribers can also surf the Internet at speeds of up to 30 Mbps. Other features include a Personal Home Phone with add-on services such as voicemail, call waiting and 250 long-distance minutes within the United States and Canada as of 2015.

Subscribers to Shaw Cable's Large plan can enjoy up to 188 channels with up to 67 and 118 channels in HD and SD, respectively. Other features include up to 30 Mbps Internet and a Personal Home Phone, which offers the same add-on services as the Popular package.