What Packages and Channels Are Available on the Verizon FiOS Channel Lineup?

As of 2015, Verizon offers a variety of FiOS TV plans covering a choice of up to 590 all-digital channels, over 160 high-definition channels and 46 commercial-free, digital-music channels. Verizon's plans include a local TV plan, three tiered premium plans, two Spanish-language plans and a selection of premium channels.

At the low end, the FiOS Local TV plan gives subscribers access to all the local content available in their area. This includes offerings from national broadcasters such as FOX, NBC, ABC and more, as well as their local affiliates.

Verizon's tiered premium plans add specialty cable channels on top of the mix of local channels. The Preferred HD plan has more than 235 channels, including Comedy Central, MTV and ESPN. The Extreme HD plan packs in more than 320 channels, featuring channels such as HBO, BBC America and FX. With Cinemax, EPIX2 and Starz included in the lineup, the Ultimate HD package boasts over 420 channels.

FiOS TV Mundo and FiOS TV Mundo Total are Verizon's Spanish language packages. Included in the channel lineups for these packages are Telemundo, ESPN Deportes and Univision, with regional sports networks tacked on as extras on FiOS TV Mundo Total.

In addition to these bundled packages, Verizon also offers the Custom TV plan, which gives subscribers access to an affordable base plan with the option to add additional channel packs to suit their preferences. Channel packs are divided by genre so that subscribers can narrow down their selection to the channels they're most likely to watch.