How Do You Get a PAC Code From Vodafone?


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To get a porting authorization code, or PAC, from Vodafone one can simply contact a Vodafone representative and request the code. The code should be supplied within 2 working days, and it is good for up to 30 days from the date it was issued. If it is not used within that time frame, a new code must be generated.

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When a current Vodafone user wants to transfer his or her service to another provider, a PAC code must be used in order to retain the same phone number. This is referred to as "mobile portability." If a user does not obtain a PAC code, then he or she must be issued a new telephone number. This results in painstaking details such as notifying friends, family and business contacts of the new number. Getting a PAC from Vodafone and retaining the same phone number makes switching carriers a nearly seamless endeavor.

It is not necessary to obtain a PAC code prior to purchasing a new phone or signing a contract with a new carrier. Of course, the phone will not be usable until the information is transferred to the new provider. If the code was not received prior to signing with a new carrier, one simply has to inform the new provider he or she would like to keep the same phone number. Once the PAC code has been received, the rest of the process can be completed.

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