What Is an Outdoor TV Aerial?


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An outdoor TV aerial antenna is a device that is placed on a roof for the reception of analog signals needed for television viewing. An outdoor aerial antenna is made of metal and consists of the element array and a boom with receptors. The element array is composed of horizontal metal rods that receive signals from distant television transmission towers.

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The transmission of television signals is sent through either ultra-high frequencies (UHF) or very high radio frequencies (VHF). Outdoor aerial antennas can be UHF, VHF or VHF/UHF compatible. VHF antenna aerials are designed to receive frequencies in a spectrum that is between 41 and 250 MHz, and UHF antennas can receive signals that are from 470 to 960 MHz.

Additionally, aerial antennas can be directional or omnidirectional. The choice of which one to use is dependent on a home's location. If an area receives signals from a source that is in a specific direction, then a directional aerial antenna can be a good option. When signals come from different directions, an omnidirectional antenna can be the option for a consumer.

Although the use of cable television can eliminate the need for an outdoor aerial antenna, there are still many homes that rely on this technology for picking up television channels. There are also other types of aerial antennas, such as indoor, high-definition and digital antennas.

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