How Do You Find Out Your Wi-Fi Network's SSID?


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Access the menu for your wireless router through a Web browser or utility program and within the correct tab locate the SSID, sometimes also simply labeled as the “network name.” You need to know the manufacturer and model of your router, which you should be able to find on the bottom of it, to access the SSID and other information.

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To find your Wi-Fi network’s SSID, which is the identifier for your network, access the menu or utility software for your particular router. The exact method required depends on the manufacturer and model of your router, but certain methods are fairly common across different ones. You can access most routers through a web browser, in the same way you go to a website. Open a web browser and type in the appropriate IP address for your router, which is usually “” or “,” but you can find out the right address from the router’s manufacturer.

Once you type in the address, the router’s menu may require a user name and password, and the default options depend on your router’s manufacturer. Once you access the menu, you can change the user name and password, as well as view information about the router. This includes the SSID, which might also be indicated as the “Network Name,” and you can change the name from within this menu. Apple routers, like the Airport series, require a utility program that you need to install and run to access your router’s information, which lets you find and change your network’s SSID.

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