How Do You Find Out If Someone Has Searched for You Online?

It may be difficult for a person to find out if a someone specific has been searching for her online, but there are a few websites that can provide a general overview of how many people have been searching for a particular name. Reputation and Brand Yourself are two such websites. Brand Yourself allows users to create an account that boosts and tracks certain social media profiles.

Brand Yourself customers can then monitor their accounts on the company's website to see what IP addresses have been visiting their registered social media profiles. An article on the Mashable website notes that although it may be easy to find out when large organizations view a profile, small companies may not have their IP addresses listed.

Reputation also has tools on its website that a customer can use to monitor her Web presence and see who has been searching her various online profiles. A Google query and sites like My Life can yield information about whether a certain name has been searched for on the Internet. Using the Google keyword tool, a person can find out how many times in a certain period her name has been searched, along with any particular keywords.