How Do You Find Out How Much Battery Life a Cell Phone Has Left?


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On most cell phones, the battery life amount is shown in the upper right hand side next to the time. One of the free battery applications that works on the iPhone, Android and Windows cell phones is called Battery HD plus. This will show a number percentage for the battery life.

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Something else that can be done to extend the life of a cell phone is to adjust any functions draining the battery life.

  1. Power-saving mode
  2. A quick way to turn this on is to swipe down to access the Quick Settings menu. If using a Samsung Galaxy 4, click the icon located in the upper right corner next to a gear symbol. This will show all the Quick Settings options. Touch Power Saving, to activate it.

  3. Turn the brightness down
  4. The level of brightness can affect the battery life of a cell phone. Under the Quick Settings menu, there will be a sun symbol next to a bar with a dot on it. Move the dot to adjust the brightness.

There are also a few methods to help extend battery life on the iPhone.

  1. Airplane mode
  2. When not using Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth device, turn the device on Airplane mode. This will help prevent the battery from being drained quickly.

  3. Turn off the Screen
  4. The longer the screen is lit up and being used, the faster the battery life is drained.Go to the Settings menu and select General. There will be an option called Auto-Lock. Lower this to the lowest setting.

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