How Do Otter Cases Work?


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Otter cases are designed from special material that makes them highly impact-proof and water- and heat-resistant. The cases are made in such a way that when a phone is placed inside, it is well-sealed to protect it from breaking in case of a fall and from water damage in case it is submerged. Otter cases are designed for electronic gadgets, so functionality is not affected.

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Otter cases are made from foamed silicone, butyl rubber and high-impact polycarbonate. Silicone is used to seal the case, making it waterproof and able to resist certain degrees of heat. Butyl rubber is also another waterproofing material more commonly used for surgical gloves and waterproofing roofs. Polycarbonate is used for the outside of the case to provide impact-resistance, it is high-impact resistant and yet transparent, making it suitable for screen protection.

Otter cases are designed for a number of smartphone lines, including iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and LG. They are carefully custom-made for particular models to ensure that features like the camera, touch screen and side buttons are able to function fully without obstruction and yet maintain safety.

Customer reviews online have indicated that indeed smartphones have been dropped from storied buildings or used in the rain but there was no damage to the phones. However, swimming with the phone is not possible.

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