What Are a Few Options for Students to Learn Basic C ++ Programming?

What Are a Few Options for Students to Learn Basic C ++ Programming?

Students can learn basic C++ programming for free online from online tutorials, open courseware and massively open online courses, also known as MOOCs. Paid options include college courses and independent study using a C++ text or other instruction book.

CPlusPlus.com's free C++ tutorials are written lessons with in-tutorial programming screens. Students can also program using their own C++ compilers. In addition, the website contains a history of C++, code libraries, articles and forums.

Open courseware such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Introduction to C++ course contains all the materials from the university's course. Students have full access to the syllabus, lecture notes, videos and assignments.

MOOCs may be schedule-based or self-paced. One relevant MOOC is Microsoft's Introduction to C++ course on edX.com, which ran from October to November 2015. Students can view the materials and sign up to receive information on future sessions of the course.

Due to the class size of most MOOCs, computer grading and peer review typically determine a student's grade. Instructors and teaching assistants may respond to some questions, but it is more common for students to help one another. Some MOOCs offer certificates or statements of accomplishment, while others require payment for such documentation or do not offer it at all.

On-campus and online college courses may provide credits towards a certificate or degree, continuing education credits or no credits. One paid option is Ed2Go's online coursework, which students take through a community or four-year college or directly through Ed2Go. Students can interact with an instructor in courses such as Introduction to C++ Programming.

Books for learning C++ independently include "C++ for Dummies," "Beginning C++ Through Game Programming" and "The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition."