What Are Some Options for Selling Empty Toner Cartridges?


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Sell empty toner cartridges on eBay, at office supply stores or through ink cartridge buyback sites such as eCycleGroup.com and TonerBuyer.com. Rather than simply throwing used cartridges away, these options allow users to claim small amounts of cash.

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Online auction site eBay is one of the most popular options for selling used toner cartridges. Selling multiple cartridges for the same printer in lots can help entice buyers to bid on auction listings. Sellers should include the cartridge manufacturer, model number and whether the cartridges are black or color. Including a picture of the cartridges is also worthwhile to increase sales potential. Sellers should designate toner cartridges that have never been refilled as “virgin” cartridges, which can make them more desirable to buyers.

Office supply stores, including Office Depot, Office Max and Staples, all offer in-store credit in exchange for used toner cartridges. These programs require users to be members of store rewards programs, and they limit the number of cartridges members can turn in each month. Typically, the credit comes in the form of a gift card or certificate that can be used on anything in the store.

Websites such as eCycleGroup.com and TonerBuyer.com also pay money for used toner cartridges. These sites allow sellers to ship used cartridges for free and receive a check in the mail. Compensation amounts can vary, though the sites typically pay more for laser printer cartridges.

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