What Is Optimizer Pro?


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PC Optimizer Pro is a piece of malicious software that claims to remove registry issues from a PC and optimize its performance, but instead it produces false registry scans and slows the PC down even further. It is very difficult to remove PC Optimizer Pro from a computer system once installed.

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PC Optimizer Pro targets unsuspecting users and attempts to con them into paying for the useless software. While PC Optimizer Pro is not a virus, the poor coding of the software can cause computers to behave as if they have a virus infestation. The scan results provided by the software are fabricated in order to make users fear that they have a poorly optimized system. The software has many characteristics of a virus, such as the ability to deeply embed itself into the operating system. The software also has the ability to hijack a computer's web browser and produce persistent pop-ups from the moment the user logs on.

To find out if a PC really does have registry issues, one can use a reputable registry tool that's trusted by many in the industry, or he can take the system to a reputable computer technician who is familiar with detecting and fixing registry problems.

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