How Do You Operate a GPS Unit?


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Global positioning unit data entry procedures may vary by manufacturer and model, but typically you can enter coordinates on a keypad or by selecting a location visible on the display screen. All GPS units have four basic functions that require coordinate entry, including location, point-to-point navigation, route navigation and tracking.

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How Do You Operate a GPS Unit?
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For all GPS functions, make sure that the unit has acquired the satellites. If you are unsure, simply turn the unit off and then back on, and it automatically acquires the satellites and provides notification on the display screen.

Finding your location with a GPS unit is the easiest operation. There is usually a button or menu selection that is clearly marked with something like My Location. The location of the unit appears on the map screen and shows its coordinates. Coordinates can be set to display in conventional longitude and latitude or in Universal Transverse Mercators, which is a military grid system used for a specific type of maps.

Point-to-point navigation is the most common operation. Input a starting point and a destination, and the GPS unit provides the distance on a straight line or by using a trail or roadway depending on your selection. You can also create your own route to navigate by entering waypoints. Waypoints include the starting point, the destination and any locations entered between them. The GPS unit connects the dots and provides the most efficient route. The unit also tracks your progress and updates the unit's location.

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