How Do You Operate a Digital TV Antenna?


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To connect a digital antenna to a television, locate the antenna input port on the back of the television; all television models made after March 2007 include this port in accordance with U.S. law. Plug in the antenna, and set the television to automatically scan the channels through the menu.

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Televisions use different types of menu systems, but many have an input or source button that switches between these modes. To watch stations through the digital antenna, set the television to antenna mode. Some televisions scan for channels automatically, but many require users to initiate the process manually. Press the menu button on the remote, and look for an option that says antenna. Then select the autoscan option to direct the television to search for channels.

Those whose televisions don't have a digital antenna input port can use a DVR, cable box or other device to watch digital television. Plug the antenna into the appropriate input port, and then plug the device into the television. Some external boxes use coaxial cables, but many use HDMI cables. To watch digital channels on one of these devices, use the input or source button to bring up the device itself, not the digital antenna setting. If available, use the autoscan feature find channels.

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