How Do You Operate the Amazon Kindle?

How Do You Operate the Amazon Kindle?

To operate the Amazon Kindle, a person needs to determine the model, access the Amazon store, and download the desired applications. Each Kindle model has a unique method of performing these actions.

  1. Determine the Kindle model

    The Kindle has evolved since its inception, as the devices have become slimmer, faster and easier to use. Models include the Kindle, Kindle Touch, the Kindle DX and the Kindle Fire. The original Kindle does not have a touch screen, but a keyboard instead. All Kindles utilize the Google Android operating system. A person can determine his Kindle model by looking at the About settings within the device or comparing the features to the descriptions listed on the official Amazon website.

  2. Access the Amazon Kindle store

    To operate the Amazon Kindle and gain access to all of the device's features, a person should visit the Amazon Kindle store. This store is an application that comes installed on every Kindle device. It contains books, games and other programs depending on a user's needs. There are both free and paid applications available to download.

  3. Download the desired application

    A person looking for a particular book should type in the title within the application store. A list is then generated with the corresponding download links. The same process is required when searching for a game. Users can also download books, videos and games to their Kindle by visiting on a computer and then downloading a specific application to the mobile Kindle devices.