How Does OpenSky Online Shopping Work?


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OpenSky functions as an online shopping platform whereby OpenSky brands and stores connect directly with customers to personalize their shopping experience. Once a customer signs up to become an OpenSky member, the shopping algorithm analyzes his browsing and shopping habits to put him in contact with appropriate brands and product types. As of 2016, OpenSky offers more than 2 million products from 50,000 stores to over 5 million OpenSky members.

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Creative business that sign up as OpenSky brands provide goods that shoppers can browse in various categories, including jewelry, electronics, apparel and beauty products. OpenSky works with small- and medium-sized businesses by providing an online and mobile platform that helps them improve their growth by directly targeting their products at interested shoppers. As a commerce platform that is open to anyone, it provides an opportunity to brands that otherwise may not be able to compete in a normal commerce milieu.

With the help of its marketing technology, OpenSky provides an opportunity to the 50 most popular brands on its platform to sell more than $100,000 of products on a monthly basis. Of those 50, 48 are part of its CoPilot program, which functions as a means of advertising and budget management across other platforms, including affiliate networks and social media websites such as Facebook and Pinterest. OpenSky claims that 90 percent of sales on its website include stores that participate in the CoPilot program.

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