How Do You Open an XML File?


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To open an XML file, right-click the file, and select your primary browser under the Open With tab. There are many simple applications available for opening XML files, but the easiest solution across any device platform is to use your favorite Web browser, as all popular browsers support XML.

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  1. Double-click the XML file

    Before trying anything complicated, see if the computer already has a default application to open XML files. Do this by simply double-clicking the icon of the XML file you want to open. In the case that the computer does not have a default program setup up to open XML files, move on to step two.

  2. Select a browser manually to open the file

    If the computer does not automatically open the XML file, right-click the icon, and hover over the Open With tab. From there, choose your favorite Web browser, and click it.

  3. Read the XML file in the browser

    The browser opens up momentarily after completing step two, allowing you to view the file. Keep in mind that XML files do not actually do anything. Do not expect the file to perform any tasks or act as an application. XML files are often used by software on your computer to store data.

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