How Do You Open an SCR File?


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To open an SCR file, the computer must have software capable of viewing a file with an SCR extension; if so, double click the file and allow Windows to locate the appropriate software to open the file. If the computer is not equipped with the appropriate software, the file will not open.

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An SCR file is an executable file that is primarily associated with Unknown Apple II files, often found on the Golden Orchard Apple II Cd Rom. SCR files are also associated with Windows screen savers, Image Pro Plus, TrialDirector script file, Procomm Plus screen snapshot file, Movie Master Screenplay, Mastercam Dialog script file and various other programs.

If the file opens when clicked, but is not the proper application, the most common problem is the Windows Registry association. If the Windows Registry has improperly associated the file with the wrong software to open it, the association must be changed in order to view the file properly.

Incorrect SCR file association creates errors and can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying issue with the computers operating system. The invalid entries can cause slow computer start-ups, cause the PC to lock up or freeze and create various other performance issues. If an SCR file error is displayed, scan the Windows Registry for errors.

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