How Do You Open a PDF in Word?

How Do You Open a PDF in Word?

Open a PDF in Word 2013 or later directly from Word. Open a PDF in older versions of Word by first opening the PDF in a PDF viewer, and then saving it in Word format.

  1. Open the file directly in Word 2013 or later

    From the Open menu, find the PDF file by clicking the Computer icon and navigating to the directory where the file is located. Click the file name to highlight it and click Open to open the file.

  2. Open the PDF in a PDF viewer

    Double-click the PDF file name or shortcut to open it. It should open automatically in the PDF viewer installed on most computers. If it doesn't open, download a free viewer from the Internet and then repeat this process.

  3. Save the PDF in Word format

    Click the File menu. If Save as Other is listed in the menu, hover the cursor over it to drop down a list of formats. Click Word to choose the Word format. Alternatively, choose Save As in the File menu, enter a file name and choose DOC or DOCX as the file type.

  4. Open the PDF in Word

    Start Word. Click Word's File or Open menu, navigate to the correct file, click to highlight it, and then click Open to open the file in Word.