How Do You Open a NetDisk NDAS Drive?


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Open a NetDisk NDAS drive by prying off the small logo plates and disengaging the internal latch. After completing those steps, separate the top and bottom portions to expose the device's components.

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To perform maintenance on a NetDisk drive, one must open its casing in order to access its components. The two necessary tools to open the drive are a flathead screwdriver and a ballpoint pen. First, place the NetDisk drive on a flat surface with the front facing away. Then, pry off the small logo plates located on each side of the rear portion of the device. Use a flathead screwdriver to complete this step, which exposes the device's access holes.

Next, another person should insert a dull object, such as the tip of a ballpoint pen, into each hole, applying moderate pressure to each object. Doing this disengages the internal latch connecting the disk's top and bottom portions. Finally, grab the device with one hand on the top and one on the bottom. Slide your hands in opposite directions to separate the top and bottom portions, exposing the device's components.

NetDisk is a data-storage device that stores and accesses data shared on a network. Networks use devices like NetDisk, connecting them to network servers externally using the Network Direct Attached Storage system. The NDAS system is patented by Ximeta, the manufacturer of NetDisk.

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