How Do You Open M4V Files?

How Do You Open M4V Files?

The easiest way to open any file on a PC, including an M4V file, is to double-click that file and let the computer choose the program with which to open it. If it fails to open, the computer may not have a program that plays that type of file, so you have to download one.

  1. Find a program that opens M4V files

    Windows Media Player is a widely used program by Microsoft that downloads M4V files.

  2. Download and install the program

    Windows Media Player is available from Microsoft as a free download. Visit the Microsoft website, and follow the instructions for installing the program on your computer.

  3. Double-click the M4V file you wish to open

    Once installed, Windows Media Player should open the file once you click on it. If it doesn't, the default program for opening such files may need to be changed to Windows Media Player.