How Do You Open ISO Files on a Mac?

Mount and open an ISO file on a Mac computer using the built-in DiskImageMounter utility. You can also mount an ISO file using the command line. To get started, you need an ISO file downloaded to either your Mac desktop or laptop computer.

  1. Download an ISO file

    Download your preferred ISO file to your Mac. Save the ISO to your Downloads folder for quick access. You can also create a separate ISO folder in your Documents folder to keep them organized.

  2. Navigate to the ISO file

    Open a Finder window from the dock. Navigate to the ISO file in your folder.

  3. Mount the ISO file

    Double-click the ISO to let your Mac choose the appropriate program to mount the file. Alternatively, right-click the ISO file, select Open With and click DiskImageMounter. You can also launch the Mac terminal and type "hdiutil mount" followed by the name of the ISO file to mount the file.

  4. Open the ISO file

    Look on your desktop for the newly mounted ISO file. Double-click on the file to reveal its contents in a new window. Drag and drop any contents from the ISO file into an appropriate folder, or run the installer to install the program on your Mac.