How Do I Open an FLA File?

A file with the extension "FLA" can be opened by the Adobe Flash application. FLA files are typically Flash animations.

The Adobe Flash application was formerly known as Macromedia Systems Flash, a company which was acquired by Adobe in 2005. The FLA extension is assigned to an animation or movie file created using the Adobe Flash authoring application. The FLA file stores the film while it is still in a raw and editable form, as a work in progress. As such, the animation is not yet viewable online; it can only be edited and further developed using the Adobe Flash application.

Once the development process is complete, the FLA document must be published in order to be viewed. When it is published and exported from Flash online, it changes extensions to become an "SWF" file, which can then be viewed on the Internet. An SWF file is a compressed format optimized for viewing and it can no longer be edited. Most browsers feature a Flash plug-in which allows them to run SWF files. They may also be viewed with a stand alone Flash player and other programs which support Flash, including MediaMonkey and other compatible software applications. A universal file viewer application may also allow for viewing of an FLA file but not further editing.