How Do You Open and Extract a .001 File?

A file with the .001 extension is part of an archive that has been split into multiple files. To open and extract such a file, you need a file archiver utility such as 7-Zip. The process involves downloading the software, installing it and using it to merge archive files.

  1. Download and install 7-Zip

    Use your web browser to navigate to the download section of the 7-Zip website, and left-click on the version that is appropriate for your operating system (x86 for 32-bit and x64 for 64-bit). Once the download is finished, double-click on the downloaded file and complete the setup by selecting the desired destination and left-clicking on the Finish button after the installation is finalized.

  2. Move the split archive files into a single folder

    If the archive files aren’t in the same directory, select each one with your mouse and drag them into a new folder. A new folder can be created by right-clicking on the desktop, hovering over New, and selecting the Folder option.

  3. Extract the archive

    Once all of the archive files are in the same directory, right-click on the file with the .001 extension, use your mouse pointer to hover over the 7-Zip option in the menu, and then left-click on Extract Files. After that, select the destination where you want the archive to be extracted, and left-click on the OK button.