How Do You Open a Dell PC Case?


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Most Dell PCs have a screwless case so to open them the single thumbscrew on the back needs to be removed and two small levers need to be pressed down so that the case can be pushed backwards. Removing a case from most Dell PCs requires no tools.

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Some Dell PCs have a series of screws that need to be removed with a screwdriver in order to remove the case. However, the vast majority of cases are screwless, so the process below should be followed.

  1. Switch off
  2. The computer should be shut down and switched off before the case is removed. This includes the monitor plus any peripherals that are attached, such as a printer. Unplug all of the cables from the back of the computer, and unplug the power cable from the wall socket. While working inside a computer, care should be taken regarding electrostatic discharge.

  3. Thumbscrew
  4. Locate the single thumbscrew at the back of the computer. It should be on the back right side of the case. Turn this to remove it then press the two levers at the top and bottom of the case. These levers will release the case and allow it to slide backwards.

  5. Replace case
  6. Once the work inside the PC case is finished, the side panel will need to be replaced. Match the slots on the inside of the removed part of the case with the frame of the computer, and slide the side panel into place. Make sure it is tight and then tighten the thumbscrew to hold the case in place.

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