How Do You Open a CSS File?

Any web browser can open a Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS file. Because a web browser cannot edit the contents of a CSS file, it is necessary to use text-editor software to open a CSS file with the intention of editing its contents. Programmers use CSS files to format Web pages.

  1. Choose text-editing software

    Many text-editing programs are available for download on the Internet. Some programs are free to use, some are subscription-based, and others require the user to purchase a license to use them. Three of the most popular pieces of commercial software that programmers use to edit CSS files are Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe ColdFusion Builder and Microsoft Visual Studio. Freeware programs, such as Notepad++ and PSPad, are free to use.

  2. Determine the correct version of the program

    The type of operating system installed on the computer determines the correct software to download. Use the Windows version on a Microsoft Windows-based computer, or choose the Mac OS version for an Apple computer. Apple TextEdit is a popular program available for the Mac OS.

  3. Download and install the software

    Navigate to the official website to safely download the software. Install the program according to the specific instructions for the brand, and then run the program to open and edit the CSS file.